Kim Copél-Harris ~ Laura D. Fair and Lillian Virgin Finnegan

Charley Parkhurst

Kim Copél-Harris is an accomplished Chauatauquan who has portrayed living history characters at various venues including Genoa Cowboy Festival, Pipers Opera House and The Lake Tahoe Chautauqua Festival. Kim has served on the boards of two local Historical Societies where she continues to volunteer. She also owns and operates “Genoa Historic Ghost Tours” which is an historic walking tour of the town of Genoa and is the Events Manager at Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park. Born and raised at Donner Lake, CA, Kim grew up immersed in the history of our west and enjoys not only sharing what she has learned about our history, but continuously learning from those that have lived it themselves.

Laura D. Fair: Fatal Mistress

Four times married, twice widowed and twice divorced all by the age of 33, beautiful Laura D. Fair was the first woman in California sentenced to hang for the murder of her lover, Alexander Parker Crittenden in November of 1870. Arriving in Virginia City, Nevada Territory in 1863, she ran the newly built “Tahoe House” as an upscale boarding house where she met successful San Francisco attorney A. P. Crittenden. Laura dreamt of wealth, but was never afraid to work for it… or to marry into it. She will share with you her seven year affair with Crittenden and her journey of emotional ups and downs ending in his murder, for which she was eventually acquitted.

Lillian Virgin Finnegan

School teacher, suffragette and businesswoman, Lillian Virgin Finnegan was born into one of the most prominent pioneer families in Genoa. Lillian will tell tales old Genoa, as told to her by her family and friends. She will also share with you her own life while growing up and living in The Pink House, and how her involvement in her community made her a natural leader as the creator of Genoa’s first Candy Dance. Come sit down for a spell and visit with “Lilly.”

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